What Are Flare Jeans And Why Are They So Popular?

Women wearing blue flare jeans sitting on a wooden stool with blue flowers in a voss standing upright on the floor next to her.

Popular in the hippie era, flare jeans are in fashion 2022 again. The flare length and width may vary from one model to another. In fashionable outfits of the 2022 season, the maximum length is relevant, which covers even a high heel. The trend is also 3/4 and 7/8 in length.

The great advantage of the style is versatility. Flared jeans are suitable for both slim and plus-sized girls and women, as a moderate flare from the hip will reliably hide the extra kilograms. The high waist, which corrects the figure, has come from the fashion of previous years to the present days. A high waist visually lengthens the silhouette. Such trendy models can be worn with denim or a leather belt. The main trend of fashionable women’s jeans in 2022 is a loose fit. That’s why flared jeans and culottes occupy a special place among fashionable models. 

There are two main types of flared jeans: from the hip and from the knee. However, in some models there is a full flare, the definition of “wide cut” is applied to this style.

  • Full Flare. In such models, the extension starts from the waist, which creates an impression of lightness and fragility. The length can be classic or cropped.

All the top designers, fashion bloggers, stylists, and celebrities have come up with fashionable ways of wearing wide leg jeans in 2022 and ultimately turned baggy jeans or loose skater jeans into closet must-haves.

  • Flare From The Hip. Flare pants are classic, versatile, and the most fashionable variation. Such a style can hide overweight hips.
  • Flare From The Knee. It focuses on the legs and hips, and visually adds growth.

In addition to the main types, other original interpretations of flare jeans also take place in the trends of the 2022 season.

  • Cropped Trendy Culottes. The length of such jeans ends at the lower shin, the extension can vary from small to extremely wide.
  • Retro Style. Such flare jeans necessarily have the elements of the fashion of the 70s: high waist, extension from the hip, and wide flare.
  • Asymmetric Flare. The original and trendy model with an uneven or beveled edge.

Article written by: Lubimaja

Source: https://ksistyle.com/flare-jeans

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